The secret of becoming invisible to the creatures of Africa is to become part of the
environment. So I designed a camper  van only a photographer could love. This ugly
but comfortable vehicle has windows all around with interior camera platforms.

At dawn, I park in a promising place, stay still, and become part of the landscape.
Soon the creatures ignore me and my day begins ...

When food is scarce in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, the largest bull elephants stand on tiptoe to pick the nutritious seed pods off the Apple Ring Acacia trees. The pods must be what elephants dream about as they tread along the dry floodplains of the Zambezi

Some of the tiniest of Africa's creatures are amazing, like these two suricates standing sentinel for their group that's digging for bugs and scorpions. Members of the Mongoose family, suricates are only a foot tall, but will attack a cobra.

Be ready for anything in Africa!

A tender scene of a vervet monkey suckling may be interrupted by screaming, kicking zebra stallions. My camera goes into overdrive.

Minutes later, the fighting zebra move off and I am free to sketch or write in the afternoon heat at the deserted waterhole. That work has resulted in the photo and art prints you will see on this website, now featuring the Elephants of Addo.

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